Sunday, 8 June 2008

Questions: Mezzogiorno

2007 Using fig 9 and your own knowledge, describe the difficulties of farming in the Mezzogiorno (6)

2006 Describe recent improvements made in the Mezzogiorno and explain how they have helped to improve the standard of living for farmers (9)

Explain one factor, other than farming, that has led to recent migration into the Mezzogiorno (2)

2005 What is the meaning of the letters IMP? (1)

Give one difference between the use of money from the Cassa and the use of money under the IMP (1)

Suggest why this change has taken place (2)

Explain how physical factors in Southern Italy make farming difficult (4)

How have the changes introduced to farming helped farmers to increase their income (4)

Using figures 13 and 14 and your own knowledge, describe the improvements to farming and to land reform that have taken place in Southern Italy (9)

2004 Describe one way in which land reform has changed farming in the Mezzogiorno (2)


Using the photograph and your own knowledge, describe traditional farming in the Mezzogiorno (6)

Farming in the Mezzogiorno has changed as a result of the work of the Cassa per il Mezzogiorno and, more recently, the Integrated Mediterranean Programme (IMP) Explain how the work of the Cassa and the IMP has improved farming in the Mezzogiorno (6)


  1. what is meant by the name mezzogiorno

  2. area of southern Italy (E-W line south of Rome)

  3. can you explain what exaclty was the Casa per Il Mezzogjorno? And did it make a difference?

  4. Yes, what was the Casa per Il Mezzogjorno?