Sunday, 8 June 2008

Questions: Ganges

2006 Draw a labelled cross section to show the features of a tropical storm (cyclone) (4)

Explain the formation of the Ganges Delta. You may use a diagram (s) in your answer. (6)

you may use a diagram .... but you don't have to in this case!

Using information in Fig 11 and your own knowledge, explain the likely effects of tropical storms in the Ganges Delta (9)

Describe the main physical features of the delta (2)
Explain how the delta has been formed. You may use diagrams to help your answer (6)

Explain how physical factors have encouraged the growth of intensive rice cultivation in the area shown. (4)

2004 Describe how the people who live in the Ganges Delta may be affected by changes in sea level (6)

2003 Describe the tropical monsoon climate (4)

Explain how the tropical monsoon is caused (6)

Explain how a cyclone is formed (3)

Why do many people in the Ganges Delta die as a result of a cyclone? (4)

Describe the farming activity shown in the photograph (2) subsistence rice cultivation

Give 3 physical reasons why the Ganges Delta is a suitable area for growing rice (3)

The Ganges Delta is part of two countries India and Bangladesh. Both these countries have high birthrates and falling death rates. For either India or Bangladesh suggest reasons for the high birth rate. (6)

Give two ways of reducing the damage caused by tropical storms, either in the long term or in the short term (2)

2006 Describe the physical advantages for subsistence rice farming in the Ganges Delta (4)

2006 Explain how the tropical monsoon is caused in summer. (4)

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