Monday, 9 June 2008

make sure you cover these ....

core periphery, ERDF, CAP, European Investment Bank, Structural funds
Demographic transition model, birth rate death rates etc, pop pyramids
Push pull migration, shanty towns, a development project in an LEDC
Monsoon and cyclones
Conditions favouring rice cultivation and Green Revolution
Amazonia, climate, nutrient cycle, how does vegetation adapt. Reasons for deforestation – link to global warming
Channel tunnel and links – may link with core periphery
Global warming – always comes up.... (causes, why does sea level rise, effects, management local, national and global)
Rotterdam - map
Factors influencing farming in Mezzogiorno and Casa and IMP

There will be questions that cover all of the syllabus - so you can't leave out any topic.
There will be maps, photographs and graphs. You can expect to have to label a diagram, draw a sketch map and interpret a graph.

Read your command words

When analysing a graph - remember overall trend, specific points, any anomalies

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