Sunday, 8 June 2008

Questions: Mediterranean Spain

2007 Name one of the Balearic islands (1)

Give one climatic factor which has led to the growth of tourism in Mediterranean Spain (1)

Explain the problems and benefits that tourism has brought to the economy of Mediterranean Spain (9)

2006 Describe the main features of the Mediterranean climate (4)

Why is the Mediterranean climate attractive to tourists from Northern Europe? (4)

Explain the environmental problems linked with large hotel complexes in Mediterranean Spain. (6)


Name a major tourist area in Mediterranean Spain (1)

What are the climatic attractions referred to in Fig 11 (3) what is it about the climate that attracts tourists?

What are the 'other' reasons referred to in Fig 11 (3) what factors, other than the climate, attracts tourists to Mediterranean Spain?

How might the environment be damaged by tourists visiting Mediterranean Spain? (6)

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