Sunday, 8 June 2008

Questions: Amazonia

2007 Explain the features of the temperature of Amazonia as shown in Fig 11 (4)

Traditional farming in Amazonia is a type of subsistence farming called 'shifting cultivation' (slash and burn). Explain why shifting cultivation is an example of sustainable development (2)

Describe the ways in which recent developments in Amazonia have affected the environment and the people in this part of Brazil (9)

2004 Describe and explain the main features of the equatorial climate (6)

Annotate figure 9 to show three ways in which the vegetation has adapted to the climate and soil conditions (6)

Describe traditional shifting cultivation in Amazonia (6)

How has the environment and that of the surrounding area been affected by large open cast mining? (4) note: this question is asking for local effects NOT global effects.

Recently ecotourism has become popular in Amazonia. With the help of Fig 11, explain why the holiday advertised could be described as an ecotourism holiday (6)

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