Friday, 9 May 2008

Population model answers from Mrs Royston

With reference to Brazil or India or Bangladesh, explain how push and pull factors are responsible for rapid urban growth (4)

Level 1 Basic (1-2 marks)
•Simple statements are made.
•There are more jobs and more medical facilities etc in cities so people move there.
•Natural disasters and infertile soils in the countryside cause people to move to the cities.

Level 2 Clear (3-4 marks)
•Need both push and pull factor(s). For full marks there needs to be some evidence that the candidate recognises that the question asks for reference to a specific country.
•People move from rural areas due to push factors, for example, the floods in Bangladesh cause loss of food and this means that people in the countryside move to the urban areas of Calcutta or Dhaka. The pull factors from these urban areas also include the expectation of more varied and regular work with higher pay, improved housing and sanitation and more hospitals and doctors.

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