Friday, 9 May 2008


2005 Q4c
Using one or more named locations, describe the ways in which the Japanese have attempted to reduce industrial pollution. (6 marks)

The area around Tokyo Bay has a concentration of steelworks and chemical factories. This has led to the pollution of both the air and water. Chemicals such as mercury are released into the water. 1970 Water Pollution Control Law prohibited releasing poisonous wastes into the sea. Sulphur dioxide was released as the result of burning fossil fuels. Problems of air pollution have been overcome by building chimneys taller so that the pollution would enter stronger winds and be carried further and be diluted before settling. Chemical and sprinkler systems are now installed on tops of chimneys to remove the sulphur dioxide. Water sprinklers keep the coal / iron ore piles wet so dust cannot form. ‘green corridors’ of trees have also been planted around factories to trap any dust and to reduce noise and visual pollution.

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