Friday, 9 May 2008

population - high birth rate

2003 Q3d The Ganges Delta is part of two countries, India and Bangladesh. Both these countries have high birth rates and falling death rates. For either India or Bangladesh suggest reasons for the high birth rate (6 marks)

Bangladesh has a high birth rate for a number of reasons. Firstly there is a high infant mortality rate so families have a large number of babies to ensure that some children survive that not only will be able to work the land but will be able to look after their parents when they get older. It is also important to have a male heir. There is limited knowledge or willingness to practise family planning. Women are not as highly educated as males and they do not have career expectations, their main duty is to marry early and have children. Bangladesh has a young population so there is a large proportion of women of child – bearing age.

UK population hits 60 million

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  1. Population of Bangladesh is increasing day by day. I agree that family planning, education, awareness to prevent the population growth.