Friday, 9 May 2008

new industry model answers from Mr Nailor

1.Manufacturing can be described as a system, involving inputs, processes and outputs. Define the terms inputs, processes and outputs, giving examples of each.

INPUTS. These are the factors which are put into the industry e.g. raw materials, fuel, labour and transport.
PROCESSES. These are the jobs done with the inputs e.g. processing of materials, assembling parts and packaging the finished item.
OUTPUTS. These are the finished products e.g computers, cars, clothes and chemicals.

2. Explain why hi-tech industry has grown up along the M4 corridor.

This industry has developed in places like Bristol and Reading on the M4. Land here is cheaper than in London further to the east, but access to London is easy and fast. Some of the products are exported by air so closeness to Heathrow airport on the western side of London is important. There are fast road links for deliveries to other parts of Britain via the M4,M5,M40,M25 and M3. Hi –tech products are light and easily/cheaply transported by road. Bristol and Reading are university towns which can supply skilled workers and undertake research and development of new products.

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