Friday, 9 May 2008

Development project in LEDC

2005 Q5c Describe the main features of a development project in an LEDC that you have studied (6 marks)

Name of Development project – Vietnam Dyke Project
The building of dykes in Ky Anh Province, Vietnam rice yields were low because farmland was often flooded by the sea and soils became very saline. Oxfam worked with local government and local people to build a sea dyke 11 miles long which means that areas of farmland can be drained and protected from flooding. There is therefore an increase in farmland. This could be used to grow food crops like rice as well as cash crops which can be sold. People are better fed and they also have money from the sale of cash crops. Roads have also been built to improve communications and trade. This long term project is sustainable because it taught the people new skills. These skills allowed them to undertake other building work. They were also able to teach these skills to others and their children. It uses low cost technology such as hand tools. Any surplus rice crop can be taken to market along the new roads, so increasing the farmers’ income.

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