Sunday, 30 March 2008

Green Revolution

To use technology to
increase food production

Technological changes:
Increased use of Machinery
Chemical inputs
Hybrid seeds

Food production – large increase, wind & disease resistant,
Food prices dropped – good for consumers
Number of crops grown per year - faster growing so extra crop can be grown each year
Yields more reliable
variety of crops leading to a more varied diet
Commercial crops grown and able to be sold to raise income
Not so tall so can withstand heavy wind and rain
Rich farmers who could afford seed, fertilizers and tractors - got richer
Transport systems have improved in some areas

Costs of buying fertilizers & pesticides
Water supply – crops need reliable supply. Increased fertiliser use leading to eutrophication
Increased use of irrigation can cause salinization of drinking water supplies + cost of irrigation
Susceptible to pests and diseases
Poor become poorer – can’t afford seeds, fertilisers, machinery
Mechanization leads to rural unemployment
Farming is less sustainable
Increased rural – urban migration adding to pressure on towns and cities

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