Monday, 31 March 2008


2004 Q3b Wind energy
Study map which shows the location of some wind farms in the UK. Explain why these locations have been chosen. (4 marks)

Wind turbines to be at their most efficient need to be in areas with high and regular wind speeds. Such sites are usually found in areas with high and regular wind speeds. Such sites are usually found on exposed coasts or in upland areas in the more remote parts of western Britain.. Prevailing winds blow over the UK from the west.
Much of the highland areas are moorland where the traditional farming is hill sheep farming. The wind turbines do not interfere with sheep grazing and they provide the farmer with additional income.

2005 Q6c Imagine that you are the Minister of Energy in the Government. Suggest how the UK should generate its electricity in the future. (6marks)

Future power supplies will be a balance between renewable and non-renewable resources as attempts are made to both conserve the finite fossil fuels and make renewable non-polluting forms of producing electricity more economical. The UK needs to become more self sufficient and cannot rely solely on one energy source. The amount of energy produced by both oil and coal must be reduced as these are non-renewable sources of energy and contribute CO2 adding to the greenhouse effect. However, a large number of workers depend on its extraction for employment and there are large reserves left. Nuclear energy will be significant when oil and coal reserves are exhausted however, it is a controversial energy provider as the waste is dangerous and difficult to dispose of.
Renewable energy such as solar, tidal etc should be encouraged especially wind as UK has plenty of potential sites. However they will only gradually become more important as they are expensive to set up and are still technologically not as efficient as thermal power stations.

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