Sunday, 30 March 2008

Modern Urban Environments

2005 Q4b Inner city improvements …. Explain how one improvement would benefit the local people (4 marks)

Terraced housing improvements.
Houses have been improved by modernising facilities like inside bathrooms to raise the quality of living for residents.

Blocking of some of the roads and turning them into cul-de-sacs.
This would stop through traffic and would reduce traffic fumes and thus improving the air quality for residents.
Having less traffic on the roads would also make it safer for children to play.

Demolishing the engineering works and turning them into an industrial estate.
By clearing derelict property and building an industrial estate on the brownfield site would provide both economic and aesthetic improvements to the area. People would be provided with jobs and this would help to reduce local unemployment.

Demolishing the engineering works and leaving the area as an open space. This would get rid of an eyesore and provide an area for the children to play or an open space for community use.

2007 SC Q1d Describe the advantages and disadvantages for a settlement developing as a commuter village (6marks)
As people move into the village there are more people who can use the village shop or will have children who can attend the village school and therefore these services will not close. They may well get involved in the village community and revitalise village life. On the other hand, they tend to do their shopping in the town where they work and so do not use the village shop. They tend to be older and do not have primary school children and so do not use the village school. There may be a loss of community spirit because the original inhabitants and the newcomers do not mix. The cost of housing is forces up making them too expensive for people born in the village. If the population of a village is on the increase it is more likely to get investment for new projects than if the population was in decline.

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