Sunday, 13 April 2008

Outer Suburbs - Monkspath, Hillfield, Solihull


1. Larger properties could be built due to the lower cost of land.

2. Lower density housing

3. Houses are of better quality with all modern amenities and garages.

4. Best performing schools

5. Less traffic congestion and pollution than the inner city.

6. Closer to the countryside.

7. Close enough to the CBD to commute by car or train. (Widney Manor, Solihull, Dorridge)

8. Access to motorways. (M42 > M6, M40)


1. Long commuting travel times - risk of accidents and being late for work.

2. Higher costs of journey to work.

3. High cost of housing, young adults unable to afford to buy properties in area where they were brought up

4. Less sense of community spirit as people spend little time at home, separated by fences and hedges.

5. Distance from CBD for shopping and entertainment.

6. Rising number of burglaries.

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