Wednesday, 16 April 2008


You've recently been doing this in learning to learn. I came across these ideas today:
Rural to urban migration
Think PUSHED for Push factors
P - pressure on land so many have to leave
U - unemployment in the countryside
S - sanitation - poor or non-existent in rural areas. Often no running water or clinics
H - hardship - often a harsh climate
E - education - little if any
D - disasters, drought, famine, civil war etc

PULL Factors

B - better paid jobs or perceived better job opportunities, factory jobs which are not dependent on the weather
E - education provision is better
P - perception that city life is better
H - More provision of health care

Characteristics of out of town shopping centres - use your case study of Merry Hill and try to suggest reasons for its location under the following points : CAR SPACES

C - cheap land
A - accessibility
R - redeveloped loand
S - sphere of influence
P - parking
A - all weather shopping
C - choice of shops
E - expansion
S - secure

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