Monday, 7 April 2008


River Erosion Definitions:

Abrasion (Corrasion) : Wearing away of the bed and banks due to the action of water and the load. Sand paper effect.
Attrition: The wearing down of rocks and pebbles into smooth rounded particles due to transport by the river.
Hydraulic action: Force of the running water erodes the banks of the river.
Solution (corrosion): The water dissolves particles in the rocks

River Transport Definitions:

Saltation: Sand sized particles are bounced along the river bed
Solution: The water dissolves material
Suspension Small clay sized particles are carried along in the flow of water
Traction: Large boulders are rolled along the bed of the river

Hydrological cycle terms:
Condensation: Process whereby water vapour changes to water liquid
Evaporation: The process whereby water liquid is turned through heat into water vapour
Groundwater: Water underground which has collected from the downward movement of water through the soil and rocks
Impermeble rocks: A rock which does not allow water to pass through
Infiltration: The downwards movement of water through the soil laters
Interception: Trees and vegetation blovck the path of rainfall to the ground
Percolation: Downwards movement of water through the rock
Permeable rock: A rock which does allow water to pass through due to spaces between grains
Precipitation: The deposition of moisture on the Earth's surface - rain, sleet, snow and hail
Stemflow: Water flows down through stems and branches
Transpiration: The process whereby vegetation fives off moisture to the atmosphere

General River basin terms:

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