Sunday, 13 April 2008


The movement of people out of urban areas (e.g. inner city areas) into a more rural environment (suburbs)

Why do people want to move away from the more urban areas: (PUSH FACTORS)

  1. higher density housing
  2. little space
  3. less room
  4. poor quality housing
  5. higher crime rates
  6. more congestion
  7. higher levels of air and noise pollution
  8. both shopping and industry are tending to move towards outskirts

Why are people attracted to the more rural areas? (PULL FACTORS)

  1. more spacious
  2. better quality of housing with more modern amentities, double glazing, detached properties, front and back gardens, garages, utility rooms
  3. bigger houses and gardens
  4. safer for children
  5. less congested
  6. improved transport makes commuting possible
  7. more attractive environment close at hand
  8. new residential estates
  9. closer to modern industrial estates set up in rural fringe
  10. less air and noise pollution

Effects of out-migration on the more urban areas:

  1. less people
  2. derelict land as industry moves out
  3. elderly and unemployed people left behind
  4. loss of 'community spirit
  5. older housing becomes more run down, empty houses are boarded up
  6. shops close due to less custom
  7. less government investment

Effects of in-migration on more rural areas

  1. pressure for more new housing development
  2. rise in house prices (young cannot afford homes and move away)
  3. schools become more overcrowded
  4. more pressure on local services - doctors
  5. locals swamped by newcomers - friction
  6. becomes busier, area looses its charm

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