Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Fantastic results 11C - 100% pass rate - well done to all of you. All your hard work paid off and I am so pleased for you.
10 grade A*
6 grade A
3 grade B
5 grade C


I was actually in Jaipur on the day that results were published and so missed out on seeing you - but I did ring Mr M to find out!!!!

Hope you have all had a really good summer and wish you well in your future studies / careers.

For those of you going on to do Geog post 16, you might be interested in coming along to a lecture being given by Dr Iain Stewart (BBC Power of the Planet series) at the end of September at KEGS. I'll be taking one of the TG minibuses along and it would be good if some of you could join us. I can promise you - it will be well worth you attending and it is relevant for both IB or A level. More details to follow.

Keep in touch

Mrs N

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