Monday, 8 June 2009

Paper 2 tomorrow

Thanks for your help in compiling the question bank this morning. I've put together the powerpoint with all questions onto the blog and you will see that the last two slides show which maps and climate graphs have come up and when.

I'll also put a posting with the other powerpoints that were available for you to refer to this morning and remember to go over the powerpoint already on the blog with various revision sheets 'Revision for paper 2'

It's silly to speculate - but....
revise the formation of a delta.
It's about time there was a big mark monsoon question.
The motor vehicle industy in Japan along with foreign investment by TNCs is worth going over.
learn the Vietnam dyke Development project - pg 188 in textbook
Rotterdam - functions and planning issues
Med Spain - economic and environmental advantages / disadvantages of tourism
Global warming - how to manage the consequenes at different levels (textbook page 201 - 202)

Remember to.....
  • Check through the paper cover to cover before you start to make sure that all sides are printed on.
  • Check that you have all the insert documents
  • See where the big mark questions are and make sure you allocate plenty of time to do them
  • Underline command words - in this paper particularly there will be 'using fig 2 and your own knowledge describe ...... and ......' So make sure you answer ALL PARTS of the question.
  • Remember 'SO WHAT' to make link statements
  • Only answer the Rotterdam / Europoort question for a major conurbation - don't even think about doing the Ruhr, Milan etc.
  • show that you have knowledge of case studies by throwing in examples and names. Prove what you know!!!

Mr Nailor will be starting the exam tomorrow as I'm teaching my IB group but I will try to be there for the end of it! You've covered the syllabus, done loads of exam question practise and so can do this - be confident!!!!

Good luck!
Mrs N

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