Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Extended writing - link words

and, in addition, moreover, furthermore, indeed, again, similarly, likewise, also, next, first ... last, finally, subsequently, too, in addition, what is more, as well as, at this stage, at the same time, on the one hand

Drawing conclusions:
so, thus, therefore, then, hence, generally, consequently, because, since, to this extent, at most, in conclusion, as a result, because of this, in this way, due to, in the case of, nevertheless

Comparing and contrasting: (remember - don't just describe one thing and then write a separate paragraph about the other ... you need to bring out the similarities and differences - use these link words...)
thus, however, whereas, although, on the other had, by contrast, similarly, an exception to this, even though, instead of, unlike, in spite of

Giving examples: (so important for L3 answers)
for example, when, in particular, for instance, such as.

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